So I watched three movies tonight and while I am sick I think I caught most of the plots. With the rest of the household I saw Young Sherlock Holmes which was pretty spiffy. It did have one of my least favorite death things in it as Kt noted while we were watching but I didn't mind as much this time. It sort of had a point and fit with the series so it didn't ruin the movie for me. Good movie for a light night.

On my own I watched the latest Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brendan Fraser (whom I adore). A cute little family comedy that I think the kids would get a kick out of watching. There was only one place that is a little bit scary where they might have an issue but they are pretty good about such things.

Then I switched on a movie called Bug which was just plain odd. I can't say as I would enjoy seeing it again but it was worth seeing once for the Whoa Factor. I must say stellar performances by the actors in what must have been a crazy role to play. Actually I take that back I might see it again to really pick it apart. It was an amazing movie in one way though so not what I was expecting. The more I think about it and the layers within it the more I kind grow to like and enjoy the acting, writing, and general feel of the movie.

I will say one general thing about movies today, for the love of god pull the fucking camera shot back a bit. I do not need to be so close to someone's face that I can count their pores. Yes it is an intense moment but NO you do not have to get right up the nose of your actor. Pull it back people, no one wants to see that.

Ugh well I took some NyQuil and I'm hoping it drops me out soon cause I feel crappy.

Wait wait wait I can't end this yet I just found out Christopher Eccleston is playing DESTRO in the new GI Joe movie. But... but... but Destro????? Words fail me at that casting. Have the casting folks even watched GIJoe? I just wow is he so not Destro. Destro was large with muscles and a BIG FUCKING METAL HEAD. He was the original G.I. Joe pimp. I mean the man wore a pimp coat. Eccleston does not a pimp make! I actually really like the Baroness though they have got to stop posing her in the most retarded poses possible. Though I do wish she had an actual ass. The chick has a bit of the nassatall issue. Quaid as Hawk is cool but everyone else is too pretty or just the wrong sort for the role. And I don't care how much more realistic the black outfits are I want my colors and interesting clothing back on my Joes. Half the fun was the damned outfits. And now I've seen the preview with Eccleston and I REEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY hate him as Destro. The guy who plays SnakeEyes should be Destro. He could pull the pimp off. Fucking christ man. Ripcord is cool though; I like the Wayans brothers. *grumble* Okay now I'll go sleep.


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