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([personal profile] seorgia Apr. 28th, 2009 01:31 pm)
More job apps out and still no job. It is so full of fail. And by it I mean me.

I've been actively working on my fantasy book. I'm a little blocked for no apparent reason. I think somehow I've gotten a hangup while I was on vacation from it, I need to fix that.

Justin got me back into Heroes. Eventually I may go back and fill in the big gap of shows I missed. I read about them online so I may not bother. Last night was the season finalie and all I can say is FAIL. They decided on a course of action that is just like have you lost your minds?!?! What made you think that was a good fucking idea? Kill the bitch or let them rule!!!! I mean damn.

Showers are the best thing know to mankind when the weather is this warm.

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I hear you.

I applied, and applied, and applied...usually a couple of online resumes sent every day, each painstakingly customized to the job listing, and yet I averaged one face-to-face interview every 2 months during my search. It is hard, hard, hard to get past the application process. The good news is that the right job for me was out there, and I got it. I have faith for you, too...the right thing will appear. Hang in there!


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