It's called Dead Snow and I'm sure many of you who are far bigger zombie fans then I have already heard of it. I just heard about it and can't wait.

Warning the trailer is a bit goretastic (which of course means run, don't walk, to view it):

In other news I'm still sick. Yay.

EDIT: I saw Dead Snow and here's the review I gave my friend.

Well I had a fun time with the movie. It had several laugh out loud moments, a shagload of gore and was overall a fun movie. After the opener the first bit does drag on a little long. But once the action starts going it is pretty enjoyable. If you liked the Evil Dead(s) and Shawn of the Dead I think you'll get a kick out of this movie. One other thing I must mention is how incredibly good the soundtrack is from start to stop I really enjoyed the music.

Admittedly, the plot is not very thick and you can see where it is going from a mile away but honestly all zombie movies are like that. This is not high cinema--just a fun romp. It has zombies and Nazis and lots and lots of fake blood thrown about with abandon. I enjoyed the difference between foreign done horror and American done. Just little moments like them pausing and chatting, the pacing and whatnot.

So, I recommend Dead Snow if you like zombie movies and have a sense of humor. ^_~
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