I'm sitting here watching Haunting in Connecticut because I can't sleep and yet still need to be awake by 10:30 for my reptile expo when I decided to read up on the back story of this "Based on True Events" movie. Seems this bonkers family made up a bunch of stuff, who knows if it happened or not, and then sold their story. I found one hysterical line from MSN: "Apparently being assaulted and raped by Satan's minions for months at a time wasn't a good enough reason to break the lease." So here's your brain on Seo, why is it the demons in these stories are always about the rape? Is it only the Rape Demons that can make it through the great divide? Do their giant shlongs and huge punnies have some magical power to shall we say grease the wheels? Seriously, these are creatures which feed on human flesh. I mean like mmmmm tasty long pig type of feed. So if they can bend you over a table and take your anal virginity why aren't they taking a few bites at the same time. It is like that after orgasm sandwich you always see chatted up in the comics. LOL It would be twice as funny if as they were bent over the mayo just floats over from the frig and starts like slathering all over the helpless victims back. Mmmmm ham sammich.

Oh and why do spirits always stack furniture? Shit if you want to make a statement do some damned dishes or clean my kids rooms. I will deal with alot of frekay shite if I have a room cleaning demon. I might even be willing to trade a little anal virginity (notice I didn't say whose bwhaha). Oh and why do people in movies always sell the stupidest shit and then the very next scene show them with some expensive luxury? Seriously, if you have money problems the first thing you sell is your sweet amp and guitar not your fucking car. Oh and who the hell writes the children's scenes in movies anymore? You have kids wandering into dark closets and into upstairs attics. Shit I have kids who won't even go upstairs in a nice lit house let alone a scary (used to be mortuary) house.

*sigh* I so need to get some sleep. This movie is crap but really good at making you jump. Eventually I want to see a good copy of it.
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