Today was either very long or very short depending on where you count it as having started. I did not go to sleep last night because I had two job interviews first thing in the morning. Instead i fell asleep around 1pm and woke up about 8 hours later.

The job interviews went well. I super want the first one i had this morning which is based out of Warwick. It is a basic business setting for a small office of 15 people plus 85 workers who make buses. I would be doing mostly office stuff but later on they said I could help with marketing things. I seriously want this job. The second interview was rather bleh and I don't care about it. I have two or three other notes in my inbox saying they want to set up interviews so that's good. I got one call from someone who is further away then I meant to apply. He was a nice guy. Oh yeah and on the way home I got three tickets. Yeah I said three. None of them are moving violations and I can probably get all of them removed but there you go. They were for my bumper being gone, my registration being lapsed (though I swear it isn't weird?), and the fact that my license is not NY because the NY state DMV is full of Nazi bastards which won't let me switch it over. The cop was really cute and had a brooklyn accent and super nice. He didn't mark me for one or two other things and joked around a bit so it was okay. *sighs* My car is starting to make really funny noises and I have no idea what to do about it. I should see if I can get it to a mechanic tomorrow to see if there is anyway it can be fixed. Really that area of my life is so screwed I have no idea what to do about it. After I get the car looked at I suppose I'll call my mom and see if she has any idea what to do.

Oh what the hell is Dreamwidth and was is everyone so keen on it all of a sudden? As far as I can tell it is another blogging site just like LJ only they got rid of alot of the really annoying gay things LJ has added. But there are like fifteen of these places, why is this one getting so much PR? I'm sure I'll sign up over there I'm just not sure why they are getting talked about so much more then the others. If anyone has an extra invite code I'd love to have one.

Oh and Bird died. *sighs* I'm actually a bit upset as I was very fond of his evil little butt. Now I have Bobo and he is all alone. I cannot seem to catch a break here. The rest of the Horde is fine. Tomorrow is cage cleaning and feeding day. Oh joy.

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Dreamwidth is a new blogging site much like livejournal. The driving force behind it is actually one of my oldest friends. I think one of the reasons it's getting so much buzz is because it's been set up by people who previously worked for LJ/6 Apart.

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Oh wait, I can answer that (sort of) re: Dreamwidth. Have a friend who was VERY put off by LJ's antics and has been very active keeping an eye on the various alternatives/replacements.
Benefits of DW:
-Run by folks who worked on LJ and approached as "How can we fix what's broke about LJ in this new site" (rather than just make whatever)
-easy import of LJ, including with comments,
-also easy crossposting between multiple journals, as well as turn off comments at the other journals and have replies redirect to DW
-splitting the f'list into "I'm watching these" and "I want these to have access to my locked posts,"
-better interface,
-no ads,
-Paid accounts that start at $3 for one month, for those who don't have a code but want to try it out.
-Better OpenID features--OpenID accounts get 6 userpics and a profile and can subscribe to a watchlist; they just can't make posts

Um...full post of details here:


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