Well I'm awake. My brain decided to treat me to one of those dreams that isn't a nightmare but it still sucks on an emotional level. It didn't even try to sugar coat it, just wham in your face here have some issues at 6 in the morning. In the dream I was at college and ran across a few people I'm not exactly on speaking terms with. Then two of the people left and I'm standing there with the one dude and we both head toward our cars. Oh funny thing I wrecked my car earlier in the dream so this was an every issue in my head dream. I even had trouble writing a story on the computer. So I'm heading toward a borroed car with this guy and he goes to like hug me or something or say Hey I'm always around if you want to hangout. I of course being a horrible hardass who will die alone push him away and go You know we will never be friends again or never talk again or something like that. He then yells something at me I swear is from the bible. I tell him I can't even understand him and turn and walk away. Then of course I get into the borrowed car and have a minor accident.

So I feel like complete crap and like crying which means no more sleep for me. I'm gonna go cuddle my kids and get the craptastic day started.

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Ugh. Those kinds of dreams can leave such an emotional residue. I hope you can shake it.

Funny, you're the second person on my flist this morning to write about the sad dreams they've had.


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