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( Feb. 23rd, 2009 12:03 am)

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So today is known as fail.

Actually the beginning part was really cool. The con ended on a good note and I got to see people I adore. I unfortunately had to say bye to them but that's how cons work.

Then it went downhill. Ben, Justin's friend, was supposed to drive him and his kitty up to Cleveland to meet me but he decided last minute he didn't want to. So I agreed to come to Columbus and meet Justin and his mom and step-father and pick up him and the kitty. Okay so bang several extra hours driving. I'm already tired but I'm a sucker and what can I say I love cats and Justin so there's an easy choice. OKay so finding him and picking him up went just fine.

So on the way home I realized that I am wiped. I'm not going to be making it home today so I should stop and get a hotel room. I'm good for a few more hours so I figured I'd stop in Pennsylvania. But as I'm driving I realize that I am right next to where the main Khep house is and so I was thinking of maybe crashing at there place. I text Michelle and get no answer and I didn't have the Khep house number so I thought Fuck it I'll just keep going. I shit you not within two minutes of me thinking that thought I get into a car accident and BAM there goes my front bumper. LOL So evidently I REALLY need to visit Khep house tonight.

So many calls later and a bit of driving I have arrived at Khep house safe and sound sans bumper with Justin and his kitten. *face palm* You know if you all wanted a visit that bad you could have just asked. LOL I can laugh because for an accident on a major highway, in the dark, on slush slick roads, we got off really easy. I mean amazing and thank the gods easy. The car is driveable and doesn't seem to have taken any damage except for the front bumper cover being torn off and the front passenger light being blown. In the morning we are going to be looking it over and making sure nothing is leaking and that nothing appears torn. It drove here and felt fine with no heater issues.

*sigh* So this is an interesting end to and interesting weekend of fail. I'm trying very hard not to think of how much this is going to cost me and how very much I don't have it right now. Seriously, I'm just happy to be here in a nice, safe, warm house with people I adore and a nice safe undamaged Justin with me cause seriously that was one of the scariest car accidents I've ever been in. I've not been in many and honestly never one this bad. Considering how light this was that says alot. It could have been worse, so fucking worse. I managed to get us away from the metal guard rail that was the first bit of target and the just bounce of a cement block which tore the bumper loose. Going back over the accident in my head there was literally nothing I could have done to make this come out better. We were headed off the highway so I wasn't going fast. I hit some nasty slush and bam there went the wheels. Luckily there were no cars near us.

Anyhow enough excitement for me tonight. I'm tired and crashing in a far more safe and sleepy sense. Night LJ.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2009 11:28 am)
We are heading toward home now. The grand total of damage seems to be a busted front bumper. It is in the backseat. The front light worked once I put a new bulb in and nothing is leaking. Time to limp on home.

See you soon guys.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2009 09:21 pm)
Justin and I are home safe and sound. Now time for sleep. Updates later ^_^


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