Happy B-day *SNUGS* If you want to stop by I'll bake you a cake Hehehe a bit of a drive I know but hey the offers there. ^_~
Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] michealblaise because he beat Murph and me to writing up what we talked about in the car and I'm too fucking lazy/tired to rewrite.

The quest begins be buying your first set of World of Warcraft Trading Cards from a vendor. This Item starts a long quest chain. So Murphy, Seo, and I set out to fulfill this questline. First, make sure that your armor is repaired! Very important (ask Seo, she will know this for sure). Then you will need a mount. At an average of 50 mph it took us 4 hours to complete these quests. Then we set off to our first location and upon reaching the Dragons Den we were told that the Dragon had already been raided but the NPC set us on the next part of this Chain. Venture to "We-be-toys'n'shit". There we found the remains of a poor pocket picked alliance set missing its booster packs. From there we side tracked by an escort quest. Leading Jesse along with us to two Game Stops and a Best Buy(Seo: and a Target and a Hot Topic and Unos to resupply). Each pointing us towards our final goal. Once setting Jesse with her friends we continued on to the Evil Empire of Walmart. Here we rescued our beloved World of Warcraft Cards and scored our PHAT LEWTS!! A long questline to be sure, but well worth the reward in the end.

You have completed the [Trading Card Quest Chain]!
You have gained 10'000 Experience!
Justin has earned the [OMFG NERD] Achievement!
Justin has earned the [Gamer Nerd] Achievement!
Seo has earned the [Gamer Nerd] Achievement!
Seo has earned the [Fail] Achievement!
Murphy has earned the [Gamer Nerd] Achievement!

[Gamer Nerd] Achievement
Make more than 10 consecutive gaming references in one night.

[Fail] Achievement
Fail at one of the simple tasks listen below...
( ) Sitting Down ( ) Walking
( ) Smoking a Cigarette ( ) Eating
( ) Talking ( ) Life

[OMFG NERD] Achievement
Make more than 10 consecutive gaming references in one night.
Become exalted with the Epic Nerd Faction
{ 813/999 Exalted |===>}


I failed at smoking a clove. Managed to burn my boob. *face palms* We also decided we gained two levels for the longest questline ever. New Jersey is Undercity and NYC is Iron Forge. Justin left Everquest to move to WoW (from Ohio to NY) and I need an epic mount because Oniko doesn't fly. The thruways are Gryphon Routes and the NYC cops are epic guards. There were a few other things too but I'm for bed. I need a NERD icon post haste.


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