Michelle you want this kitten, you know you do. A hermaphrodite kitten? Lol excellent.

Ganked From [livejournal.com profile] aekiy :
We have been fostering litters of kittens for something close to a year now, and mostly they have survived and gotten back to their respective shelters OK to be placed for adoption. One of the three kittens in the current litter, however, has a serious problem. "He" was born without a urethra, which makes going to the bathroom very difficult, to say the least. The veterinarian posits that the kitten may actually be a hermaphrodite, which could help explain the situation.

The important part of all this is that we now have a kitten the shelter is no longer willing to take for adoption. Either we have to adopt it, or the shelter will euthanize it. The thing is, in order to lead a healthy and happy life, Vladimir is going to need an expensive surgery to help correct this problem. So my roommate, [livejournal.com profile] sweetbastet, while looking into other options, has posted this entry with a ChipIn donation meter to collect funds for this surgery. The surgery would be over $1000, so if everyone could pass this link around as much as possible and donate whatever you can, we'd all be very grateful.

Vladimir is an adorable little cream-colored kitten, about two months old, whom already has a potential home but requires very special care most people can't afford. Vlad currently spends the days trying to figure out how to pee; wrestling with his siblings, Galileo and Leona; and curling onto people for nap time.


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