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( Jan. 25th, 2009 03:07 am)
I am about to crash after a spectacular birthday party. Food was good, company was excellent, and I managed to not let my recent battle with depression take over. I got fairly drunk, kissed a few girls, groped more than a few people, and had fun being a pervert.

I intend to wake up in 7-8 hours and cook for anyone who is left and wants food. There is a fair bit left over so I'm not too worried. Speaking of left over people I was seriously worried about crash space for people because of the sheer number of people coming but it ended up being a nonissue. Most of the people who said they were staying over didn't. So in the end I'm left with only five people staying over night which is easily absorbed. Hell I think everyone who wants a bed is in one right now. So yeah waste of worrying which does truly surprise me. I figured I was needlessly worried but I worried anyhow.

Alright sleep for me.
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( Jan. 25th, 2009 02:54 pm)
OOof I'm tired. Anyhow the rest of the guests are pretty much on their way home. I finished cleaning the dining room and kitchen table. Gryph was nice enough to clean the vast majority of the dining room last night and put away the food. I have unloaded the dishes that the Mortons did this morning and reloaded the machine. It is running as we speak. So, all the is left is the finish the hand dishes which can't be done while the dish washer is running anyhow. I also set the stove to self-clean for a couple of hours. It'll be done by 4:45 which gives Matt, who volunteered to handle dinner tonight, plenty of time to cook.

Right now I'm going to relax and play some WOW. Good birthday.


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