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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 03:36 am)
Hmm haven't updated besides whinging for a while. First off thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday *smiles*. I had a pretty killer birthday wandering around China Town with a college friend and Justin. I'm having my actual birthday party this weekend which should rock. Kae and Murphy are away for the weekend which sucks but couldn't be helped. Scheduling was a bitch. I need to wake up at a reasonable time to do a final party shop and cook dinner tomorrow. I haven't a clue what I'm making but that's no big. I haven't cooked in such a long time it will be rather weird to do so.

Let's see what else is new... not much really. I've spent most of the week hanging out and doing very little of interest. I have spent an enormous amount of time at the college since this is the first week it is back in session. Justin has been keeping me company on my random wanders which is nice. I'm sure he'll get bored with such nonsense soon lol since I've no grand plans.

Been fighting off the depression alot lately. Not sure what to do about it besides struggle through like always. I seem to be going back and forth between one of two extremes. I'm either depressed or stupidly randy. Not exactly the most normal thing but fairly normal for me. I need to work on getting things done it is just really hard when I feel like absolute shit and my brain refuses to stop pestering me. I'll get through it and back on track it just gets really bleghy just thinking about it all. *shrugs* Oh well, is life. I don't think this latest bout is really tied to getting older though I'm sure that is part of it. I don't mind aging honestly. I mind the stagnation I feel closing in around me. So more work on that.

On the kitten front they are very cute and far less disgusting now. Z, short for Zoe, is cute as a button and I go visit him/her every day. Serenity has been getting into her role as momma cat and has become neurotic about kittens and pettings. LOL It would be very annoying if it wasn't so cute. She desperately wants to be petted, than she remembers about the kittens, and than she hisses but than she wants the pets again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Hilarious it is but as long as you go slow she settles right down.

Nothing else new to report. I wish there was. Than again no news is good news. *rolls eyes* You have no idea how much I want to whinge right here lol. SO pathetic.


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