Well this New year has started with a minor bang. We noticed that downstairs was bloody freezing. That's right our pipes froze. A quick call to our favorite Heating and Plumbing man Haas (he is great!!) and we had a service dude here in like 1/2-1 hour. Did I mention how much he rocks? So we send Murphy under the house with a hair dryer and warm towels to find the spot (thank you Jeff for the infrared idea) that is frozen and warm it. A little while later the block cleared and we were good to go. Jeff is going to go under the house tomorrow and fix the insulation which had fallen off. For an emergency visit the price was really great. We love you Haas!

Anyhow the lead up to the party was busy and the party itself was kickin'. I got completely trashed on an amazing amount of booze which was great. I flirted mercilessly with most everyone. [livejournal.com profile] roadflare gave us a surprise visit which included some truly tasty alcohol and tasty coffee. He did not bring a kilt which makes my kilt-happy heart a little sad but he did end up taking his pants off in the middle of my living room the next day to change clothes which makes my heart very happy. Of course I gave the appropriate cat calls. I'm a horribly bad naughty girl. I would have been even worse but he only visited for the night. I'm determined to drag him out to visit more often. Not only cause he's hott but because he is an amazingly nice person.

So besides my flirting and drinking the party included lots of gaming. Jackjack was utterly adorable all night in my room playing video games with the adults. The next day we taught him and Gwen how to play Halo3. How cute!!! I must say though how proud I am not only of my kids but of my friends. No one said anything about the kids wanting to play with them. No one gave them any problems or told them to leave. I would have been very upset if anyone had bothered the kids but no one did. In fact, the one problem I did have with someone did not have anything at all to with my kids. The problem had the lovely effect of killing my buzz for a while but I got it back. I did eventually have to kick Jack out of my room in order to get him to go to bed. But so cute!

The day after was recovery and of course saying goodbye to people. A bunch of us played Flux for a few hours. It rocked. After I took Sean home and said goodbye to Jesse, [livejournal.com profile] falkorskid read my tarot cards which was really cool. Evidently, I am at the beginning of some kind of journey of discovery and what not. Nothing bad but just the changes that everyone goes through every few years. I'm not overly worried, I knew I was trying to fix certain things in my life. I am two weeks shy of 27 years old. I'm a grownup now and well I need to stop dicking around with my life. I've got to really settle down a bit more. Seems weird since I've settled into a home with a family but there are still holes in my life. I want to add a husband to this family and more kids. I need to finish my degree. I always manage to do things backwards. I got settled into a family and home before getting married or having kids. I went out and had a life before getting my degree. Now I'm 27 now and well enough of this is enough.

So my New Year is doing alright. I'm going to go put my workout bike together and do so more work on my room. I still need to finish unpacking.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2009 07:37 pm)
John Travolta's son died earlier today. He was only 16 and died from a seizure related fall. God it is so sad to see such a young life snuffed out. I have always liked John Travolta. Everything I've ever read about him has always made me think he would be a fun person to know on a personal level. Such a loss is just so horrible. My condolences and prayers for the family.


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